Our partners

Andrić Company doo, Ruma

For the development of a complex and sophisticated tool, based on many different modern technologies, the project team needs the support of an experienced and serious manufacturer who will turn the designer's ideas, with suggestions and practical proposals, into a quality and reliable product.

The management of ONNO company found such a manufacturer in the company with many years of experience, necessary professional knowledge and production capacities, Andrić Company from Ruma.

By combining the engineering knowledge of the ONNO project team and the experience and knowledge from the production technology of Andrić Company experts, ONNO disinfection barriers were created, unique in many characteristics on the international and domestic market.

Synergies of knowledge and experience in all phases of product development, from the initial idea, through design, design and production, showed in the best way, on the example of ONNO disinfection barriers, its strength and power.
The domestic and international market has been enriched with another product useful in the prevention and neutralization of the greatest current threat to humanity, the COVID virus.

Andric Company DOO RUMA

In-Vet, Sremska Mitrovica

An effective and reliable disinfection barrier requires the same disinfectant, safe and approved by official state institutions and laboratories.

Guided by that fact, the ONNO company chose In-Vet from Sremska Mitrovica, a supplier of the world-renowned disinfectant Sanosil S003, the Swiss manufacturer Sanosil, as its partner in the field of disinfectant security.

Made according to all world standards, from German components and components from Great Britain, Sanosil S003 is a guarantee of efficient and safe disinfection from viruses, microorganisms and fungi.

IN-VET Sremska Mitrovica