ONNO company has completed the development of a means of preventive action against the spread of the COVID19 virus

In accordance with the biggest challenge facing the modern world and the Republic of Serbia, which concerns the health of the human population, and consequently the global crisis and the crisis of national economies, a team of experts from various profiles ONNO (mechanical, electrical, electronic, telecommunications and technology) , has completed the development of means for preventive action against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Disinfection barriers created in the project office of ONNO in an efficient, economical and health safe way meet the requirements of clients who want to be among the socially responsible institutions and companies that are actively and directly involved in the fight against the currently greatest human plague, the COVID pandemic.

Strict and contradictory requirements of the international and domestic market for efficiency, economy, safety and modern design were successfully solved by a team of ONNO experts, developing a disinfection barrier called ONNO Disinfection Gate, in many ways above the competition, not only domestic but also demanding. international market.

Using new aerosolization technology, ONNO disinfection barriers do not work on the principle of spraying disinfectants under high pressure (usually 8, 70 or 100 bar), do not create noise (work silently), do not work at 220V (their operating voltage is 12V and 24V) and do not they leave moisture (drops) on exposed parts of the skin and clothing (generate dry fog).

Additionally, they work non-contact, disinfecting the soles of the shoes at the same time, using intuitive light LED signaling when passing through the ONNO disinfection door.

Finally, unlike all other world solutions, the operating parameters of ONNO disinfection barriers are monitored remotely, in real time and continuously (24/7). In the ONNO operations center, as well as on the client's mobile phone, using the latest Internet of Thinks technology, the condition of all installed ONNO disinfection barriers is monitored, including the number of passages through the barrier, the amount of disinfectant available, operating voltage, temperature and humidity.

Aerosolization, as a principle of operation of ONNO disinfection barriers, was confirmed by testing two prototypes produced by Andrić Company from Ruma, based on the technical documentation of the ONNO project team.

Serial production is forthcoming.